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Which printer is right for you?

Inkjet printers propel small droplets of ink onto the paper. Low-end inkjet printers use three
colours, cyan, magenta and yellow, to produce a composite black, but most inkjet printers use a black ink as well as colours.

A monochrome laser printer only prints black. Being a laser printer means that it is generally faster and produces higher-quality printouts than an inkjet printer. Monochrome printers are used primarily to produce letters and other such documents, which makes them more common in business environments.

A colour laser printer prints in colour using four toner cartridges (CMYK) of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The colours are applied one at a time to the drum and are then fused to the paper.

A multi-function device (MFD) is an office machine which incorporates the functionality of multiple devices in one, so as to have a smaller footprint in a home or small business setting, or to provide centralised document management/distribution/production in a large-office setting. A typical MFD may act as a combination of some or all of the following devices: printer, scanner, photocopier, and fax. These are available in inkjet and laser technology in both colour and mono.


Save on printing like never before with Samsung Print Solutions

Today’s Samsung printing solutions are not just cost-effective in terms of cost per page (CPP) and reliable hardware; they can help customers improve operational efficiency and business productivity with advanced features such as fleet management and document distribution. Additional features like proactive monitoring, accounting and access control provide deep cost savings in every aspect of the business. Printing solutions become more than just efficient tools for printing; they now support operational efficiency that leads to a whole new realm of cost savings

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Discover how much CO2 and electricity you can save

In independent tests, Epson’s WorkForce Pro models used up to 96% less energy than lasers and laser copiers3. See how much electricity and CO2 you can save by using our calculator.

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